05 March 2008

Annoyances from Last Night/Today

[See below for my real post today. I just have to take a blog moment to air my grievances, large and small, so that I can concentrate on my work.]
  • David Archuleta was not great on Idol.*
  • Tired. Again. After another craptastic night's sleep. Again.
  • Tense after listening to lots of toddler crying during the night and early morning hours.
  • Clinton won Texas and Ohio. And Rhode Island. I so had my fingers crossed for Obama.
  • Four mile traffic jam on the freeway in to work. Four miles! Needless to say, I was late.
  • Sad. Still sad. Sigh.
  • Talked to my mom while stuck in traffic. She kindly said that she hoped this rough patch smoothed out soon. I was struck by a realization: what I'm in right now with the crappy sleep and crappy weather and blah blah crap is not really a rough patch. It's a rougher patch in what has been a 3+ year long rough patch. I really believe that if you go through a tough time, you'll get rewarded by good times around the bend, but man-oh-man, this is one long, sharp turn.
*Although that guy who sang Lionel Ritchie's "Hello" was awesome. And that Australian guy, mmmm. Loved the song, and he is cute, cute, cute. And Mr. Dreads! I still don't understand dreadlocks, but he was great, too.


mary said...

I was disappointed with David too... but Mr. Dreads WAS awesome!

Becca said...

I hope things get better soon for you too. And I love your new banner at the top of your page.

Sylvie said...

Love the new banner. It has been a long, tough time. I hope at least today improves a bit and you can sleep tonight.

Jolene said...

I was disappointed with David too. But I have a feeling he wouldn't do as well. He set the bar so high for himself after last week. Anyhow, I pray that your rough "patch" has an end very soon.

Rev Dr Mom said...

I'm disappointed that Obama didn't take at least one of the big states, and give HRC enough reason to drop out.

Anonymous said...

I am sad that I missed Idol last night; I thought the boys were on tonight. In any case, I'm glad you enjoyed two of my favorites so much... I should find their performances online... Anyway, Awesome banner, beautiful letter to Riley, and agreed - the rough patch has been far too long. I hope it smooths out in some ways, at least, soon.