13 February 2008

Fresh Start

Thank you for all your supportive comments about Riley and parenting. Even though I know that what I'm struggling with is not unique, it helps me to hear that from all of you. I keep trying to remind myself that I'm not perfect, Riley's not perfect, Maddie's not perfect, none of us are perfect. But we're doing the best that we can.

Happily, Ri-Man slept much better last night, or at least I slept much better last night, which indicates to me that he did, too. And, better rested, I was able to let things go this morning. No, he didn't help me clean up the toys before breakfast like Maddie did, but that's OK. I went heavy on the lovin' and light on the time-outs this morning, and everyone seemed to get their day off to a better start. I also let the kids have Cheerios for breakfast, and, you know, it's the little things in life. Pretty much nothing makes Riley's face light up with joy the way the sight of me getting down that box of cereal does. I'll take that over a power struggle regarding putting toys away any day.

Unrelated, more tears were shed during Idol last night, and I anticipate more again tonight. Some of the contestants are just so eager and so GOOD.


BrooklynGirl said...

It's amazing how much better things seem after you've gotten some sleep, isn't it?

Enjoy Idol!

Yankee T said...


Anonymous said...

Oh I could have written that post from yesterday 5-6 years ago. And you know what? Mine have totally switched roles. My "Riley" is now easy to be with, does what we say and entertains himself. My "Maddy" can be a major PITA. We have to ask and ask and ask the same things over and over and over again for him to do what we say and yes, we invariable end up yelling.

HAng in there!


Julia said...

Sounds like a much better morning. Hope the afternoon and evening go well too. And, of course, more good sleep, all around.

Anonymous said...

i have zero parenting experience, obviously, but am in awe of your parenting from a far - I'm sure both kids are going to be extremely well-adjusted, mature, loving little people (as they already seem to be). I'm glad to hear things eased off a little today, and will be with you in spirit watching idol tonight!

peach said...

cool on the ri man we need new pics of the kids:-) and yep on the AI front i cried too!
Happy 13th of feb Hugs

mames said...

you are such a great mom, snick, and i love that cheerios make the day of any kid, which just has to make your day too. and idol, how about that josiah, i am half in love, i think.