20 February 2008


Just a few days ago, someone registered snickollet.com. Crap. Oh, well. I check it a few weeks ago and it was still available, but no longer. A kind reader gave me the info for the owner, and it's just a parked page, so maybe I can buy it, but the whole thing still pisses me off.


I think I'll go to bed now.


bleu said...

Did you try Snickollet.org??

Just a thought.

Sylvie said...

Oh annoying, it's such a cute and original name... why would someone else take it? And speaking of, how did you come up with it? I hope you can figure something out for your site.

Momma Mary said...

There are lots of mean and nasty people out there that deal in buying and selling domain names. Sorry yours got stolen. Bastards.

Rachel said...

I will echo what bleu said. You could try .org or .net.

bold said...

or THEsnickollet.com

nuvs said...

I learned a long time ago that when you have an idea for a domain name, immediately register it.

Years ago, I had a client that I was building a website for. We had decided on the domain name, and looked it up to see if it was available. It was, so we decided to purchase the next day—but we were too late.

Someone—in another country, no less—had registered it less than 12 hours after we decided to get it!

What A Card said...

Oh, that stinks :( We had trouble with that, too, when deciding on a website, and eventually got a site name with our last name in it. Which was the dumbest choice ever since I'm not comfortable sharing my last name with strangers. Duh! Hope you can come up with a good alternate!

Anonymous said...

Hi -

If you go to whois.com your domain is currently available for $9.98/year. I have a theory as to why it showed up unavailable if interested - but for now it is available.


ansel said...

I just checked godaddy.com and the domain snickollet.com is available. Just sign up for it and get the hosting. After mentioning it on your site, you will be lucky if you get it. You can work out the details later. Just do it!

mlg said...

Gosh I was only gone for a couple days and there was so much to catch up on!

First, Web Pages. I have built a few in my day but know nothing about building them. The miracles of web building software. The man has it for the ones I build at work. Also, I built one for our local SAR group using GoDaddy and their webbuilding software, WebSite Tonight (www.humboldtsar.com) I want to say I paid just over $150 for 2 years. Not cheap (or free) but easy! We really needed minimal resources in terms of # of pages, storage size, searching criteria, so we have a pretty minimal package. I respect your desire to learn web building, and classes like dreamweaver are cheap and easily available (at least they are here), but consider building software so you can get what you want without dedicating a huge chunck of your life to it (sorry, unsolicited advice... I hate that!)

I am glad your mom is coming. It is great that your mom and dad are spending time with the kids. It is even great that John's folks are. I know what you mean about worrying about judgement. I used to worry about it more after the dad and I divorced. I think I was mostly afraid that I was being judged because I had created the situation I was in so I was somehow more accountable. I got over it. As the time passed and it was clear to me that I was making the right choices for the kid and doing a pretty damn good job at it I let go of the fear that I would be judged on little snippets of our lives. As the twins get older and talk with you more you will have have a wonderful reassurance that you are doing a GREAT job!

Have a good visit with you mom.


Anonymous said...

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