14 November 2007

Friends, Food, Wine

A friend came over for dinner tonight. She brought the dinner. And the bottle of wine. Lovely. I had not seen her in a long time, months and months. It was wonderful to reconnect with her.

The twins were charmingly perfect all evening. There was no yelling, even when Tupperware was thrown. Even when green beans were thrown. Even when Maddie PUT HER WHOLE FACE IN THE DIAPER CHAMP. Ahem. Yeah, no yelling. It felt good. It felt the way I want things to feel.

Now I must go to bed and read a book and bask in the glow of such a lovely evening.

PS: Ordered 4 FuzziBunz diapers (two size Large and two size Petite Toddler) to try out, but did not order inserts yet. Heard from a woman at a cloth diapering seminar that I attended that you can make-yer-own inserts out of microfiber hand towels—just cut them up and stuff them in. Is this crazy? I have two microfiber hand towels that I don't particularly like, so I was going to give this a go. Yes? No? Other recommended inserts?


erk said...

You'd need at least two handtowels per diaper to make it through overnight, otherwise it should work. You don't need to cut them up, just fold fold fold.

Anonymous said...

Good for you on the no yelling and the lovely behavior on your children's part, yeah!

You sound very blessed with a lot of caring friends and family which must help at this time.

Momma Mary said...

I'm happy you had such a great evening. You deserve it. Good Job on the "no yelling" thing too, :), but don't beat yourself up over it. I do the same thing, more often when I'm stressed. Hope you re-achieve your Zen. When you do, can you help me find mine?

Emmie (Better Make It A Double) said...

I really appreciate your honest writing about yelling -I'm so struggling with this too, and it makes me feel less alone. I'm usually OK until something extra, like sickness or a difficult relationship or something is thrown into the mix, and then I see where my weak points are. Anyway, so glad you had such a lovely evening, and just wanted to say, I'm working on it too.

Rae said...

i use one microfibre cloth with one hemp insert

cooler*doula said...

I found Hemp to be very good on the absorbancy scale.

Agree with erk's comment that you'll need at least two handtowels per diaper.

And like Rae - I did one microfiber + one hemp. Absorbant, but not too bulky.

Oh - I don't think any of us warned you about the bulk - you may find some pants will now be too tight. Good thing is, what fit him last year with Fuzzi Bunz, fits this year with boxers.

sourpatchbaby said...

Hooray for the no yelling! as far as the inserts go, I've found that one infant prefold is more absorbant than two microfiber inserts and trimmer too.

OTR sister said...

I've thought that a good money-maker would be to start a clothing line specifically for cloth-diapered babies and toddlers. It is very difficult to find pants that fit with her big butt. She wears mostly overalls.