09 July 2007


I get NESN, the channel that broadcasts all of the Red Sox games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had no idea. In fact, I'm sure that this was not true in the past.

When John and I bought our condo, we were all set not to get cable at all. We really only watched NESN (during Sox season, me) and Food Network (all the time, John), and we figured it wasn't worth the $45/month for two channels, especially when we could be doing something else with our time. In the end, we got "sub-basic" cable because bundling that with cable internet was cheaper than just getting cable internet alone, and DSL wasn't an option because we don't have a land line for our phone.

Our sub-basic got us network stations, which we mostly don't watch, some random local-access stuff, and that was that. Saturday night, though, I come home from my grown-up party and the friends who were babysitting were lounging on the couch, watching the Sox on TV. "Is the Sox game on FOX?" I asked. "Nope, NESN."


I don't know what happened, but now NESN is part of my sub-basic cable.

I admit to doing a dance of joy around the living room. And jettisoning any thoughts of actually getting rid of my TV. At least for the rest of the season.

I do love listening to games on the radio, but the Sox! On TV! Jason Varitek looks great in my mind, but he looks even better on the screen. MMM.

My justification is that this discovery will do wonders for me actually taking time for myself. I just wish I'd found this out before the beginning of the All-Star break.


Angela said...

Happy game watching

Anonymous said...

In case you have never been there, you can find plenty of pics of Jason (who looks great in print as well as your computer screen) on this site:


mumtoboo said...


Jolene said...

good for you! Glad you had a great weekend too. Still patiently and anxiously waiting for the pictures of the twins' birthday party. :)

serenity said...

Oh Jason IS yum, isn't he??? I adore him.

Yay for NESN!!!!

(and to anonymous, I am SO going to that site today...)

Christine said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Yum-my.

And yay on NESN, Snick. It's on almost every night in my house -- except the next few days for the break (boo).

Suz said...

OHHHH...We got it here down South, too! I love it. It's completely worth the cashola!