05 July 2007

Did it.

I ran!

OK, I jogged.

Very, very slowly.

It felt great.

Most of the time.

We'll see what I say tomorrow.

The twins were seriously grouchy when I picked them up from daycare. Riley appears to be making a play to be a one-nap baby when clearly he's not actually ready for such a thing. But he did successfully hoodwink his daycare providers into not making him take his afternoon nap, meaning that he was a full-on Crankmeister when I picked him up. Thank goodness I had a plan. I got home, threw them in the (free from another mom of twins, very well worn but serviceable) jogger and off we went! I think I ran/walked about 2 miles. The conditions were not ideal (out-of-shape self, high humidity, after-work lethargy), but I plodded on. And boy did I plod. Oh, oh. Sad. As DoctorMama warned, I would have been embarrassed to see anyone I knew. Hell, I was somewhat embarrassed to see people I didn't know! But there was a bit of a breeze, the kids napped the whole way, and I was out there. I even passed a few people! Of course, they were walking. And it's not a competition. But still!

When we got home, we played on the deck for a bit. I wheeled Riley around in the Cozy Coupe and we splashed in the wading pool. Then I fed the twins dinner, gave them a bath, and threw 'em in their cribs. They made nary a peep. Tired wee ones.

I have that energized-from-exercise high, and I've been abuzz since the kids went down. I have a load of laundry in, some baby food a-cookin', and I ordered a certified copy of my birth certificate (bless the Internet), which is something I need to deal with one of John's retirement accounts. Yes, a certified copy of MY birth certificate. Don't even get me started. I have our marriage certificate, which this particular company also wants, but evidently that's not enough. Gar.

Since I "work" at home on Fridays, I'm trying to take care of some chores tonight so that I can spend some time relaxing tomorrow. I've no doubt that I can get a bunch of stuff done and free the time up tomorrow; whether or not I use that time for myself is a different matter entirely. I'm hopeful. I'm definitely going to cook a veggie curry recipe from a fairly recent Cook's Illustrated that I've wanted to make for a while. That counts as time for me since semi-serious cooking is something I really miss.

The weekend is shaping up nicely. I have a friend coming over tomorrow night to help with babies and wine-drinking. Saturday I'm hoping to take a walk with friends at some point, then I have a babysitter coming for after the twins go down and I'm heading to a grown-up party with drinks and fancy food and cooler-than-me music and stuff. Oooh. Sunday I'm hoping to see some friends with boy/girl twins in the morning, then in the afternoon I'm headed to another one-year-old birthday party. We know how to have a good time around here.

For now, I'm off. To eat. Something healthy! Not sure what yet.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Good for you!!!!

Robin J. said...

So glad to hear that everything went well!

Sylvie said...

Yay! Good on you, I am most impressed! Enjoy the good food and the running. I find that even walking fast for 45 minutes makes me feel great, though if I can sneak in a km or 2 of running, I feel even better. The good running bra is key.

Glory Laine said...

I am right there with you. Now that the twins are one I just can't use the, "I just had two babies! So cut my gut some slack" excuse. It's time. We can do it!!! Just think in six months people will look at us and say, "You've had TWINS!!! I don't believe it. You look like you just stepped off the runway." And I will agree with them and burn all the picures of me from the last year.

buddha_girl said...

You SO rock! We're a lot alike in the vein that I know I feel great when I exercise but don't always have the umph to get my booty up to do it. Summertime IS the best time to be active. I went rock climbing and swimming yesterday! Woo hoo!

I have some really good vegetarian recipes - I'll have to dig them out. I would also suggest having a few things on hand in the house that are easy to fix on those nights when you just want to be a lazy bones - Buddha LOVES the Morning Star Farms chicken nuggets. All veggie stuff. He calls them "chickie dip dip." Ketchup - lycopenes. I'm ok with the dip dip.

Geohde said...

Let me get this straight.

The company thinks you can be married without first being born these days?

Interesting logic.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congratulations. You got more accomplished yesterday than I have all week! :)

Angela said...

Sounds like you had a great night, I'm so happy to read that the run/walk went so well, you are awesome! It sounds like you will have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of great activities, enjoy!
I am feeling like a blob and I know I have to start exercising more, thanks for giving me some motivation and inspiration, wish me luck.

Anonymous said...

WOOHOO! Congrats on the run, I remember when I started back with it, so liberating for me, felt just great, keep up the good work. Sticking with it for me was helped by signing up for a run, a 4-miler I did first, and a couple of 5ks, then graduating to the 8K's and a 10 miler this past spring...at the 10 miler, fininshing well before me was a mom with her double stroller and 18 month old twins, quite an inspiration for me to keep on track!

Sounds like your weekend will be full of fun and hopefully some relaxation too, enjoy the "adult" party on Saturday night!

As for the certified BC for you, ridiculous. When I was helping my mom with lots of paperwork after my father died, I brought this one packet of info in to the retirement benefits office for her, the woman behind the desk goes through it in 40 seconds flat I tell you, what took me 2 weeks to get together, she just checked off, didn't care what any of the docs said, just made sure they were there and processed it, I could have made a BC in less time for my old cat and she wouldn't have known the difference dammit, it's crazy the things they want and they don't really look at all of it. JERKS! Sorry to end my comment on such a negative note, but that shit just gets me so bent!

Ok, have a great weekend:)

Rachel said...

It's great that you ran! Exercising always makes me feel better. Enjoy the weekend.

Jolene said...

You go Snick!!! that's awesome! You made your list and didn't waste ANY time tackling it! It doesn't matter if you had crawled with the twins...the point is, you were out there! and you ran a little! Great accomplishment! Keep it up! Have a fabulous weekend...sounds like you'll be busy!

OTRgirl said...

Well done! Your energy amazes me.

Heather said...

I've been using DoctorMama's running plan for maggots for almost a year now - it is awsome! Congrats on a good run and a bunch of wine in your future

Diana said...

Great job on the running (yes, I will say you were running!!!) and on going out to a grown up party! I hope you have a great time!

Jeff said...

The veggie curry recipe from CI is AWESOME, one of the best things i've ever made from it. definitly worth all the work.

good on you re: running, run/walk, whatever it is to keep moving.

shauna said...

Veggie curry? Yuuummmm!

Congrats on the job. You've sufficiently inspired me

Tiffany said...

The first workout after not working out for a while feels so good. Just remember to take it slow and work up to longer runs. When I first started running I would run for a minute then walk for a minute now after 8 years I can run for an hour (well most days!)