12 June 2007

So many things to say, so little time to say them.

Busy! Aaaa! Busy! Work is busy. Home is busy. It's all busy.

Thank goodness I had two e-mails in my inbox this morning from my favorite person in the world, Christopher Kimball. His folksy ramblings about life in Vermont were just what I needed to slow down and appreciate all that is good in my life. (Ha. Ha. Ha.)

I give you the first paragraph:

Our family just attended the annual Fireman's Banquet. The folks at Sherman's store did the catering-turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and, of course, homemade apple pie for dessert. George Lewis, the fire chief, announced that Betty Bentley had passed-Betty was famous for her baked beans. Abby Farrar was also remembered-she could be counted on for peeling potatoes and making her beloved scalloped potatoes. Merritt Morey (I knew his father from years ago) stood up to give the gag gifts. As he pointed out, "Well, as the years pass, it's getting harder and harder to find just the right gift, but the good news is that, eventually, you all screw up, which makes my job a lot easier."
I'm not sure I really understand Merritt Morey's quote, but maybe that's because I don't live in Vermont.

It's all downhill from there, really, including a "joke" about a woman who has had her dead husband dug up and reburied three times, musings on his family's trip to Vietnam (evidently dragonfruit is "indifferent-tasting"), and advice on horse buying. Oh, yes, and plenty of shameless self-promotion.

Where's that unsubscribe button? Gar, the man is such an ass.

Real update soon. By "real," I mean more on underwear, first birthday parties, dancing, and home improvement. I also have a half-finished post on eating habits (adult and kid) that I'll try to finish up. If only I didn't have to work . . .


Eliza said...


For that alone I would want to kick him in the giblets.

You're a wonder, Snick, making us laugh again already. Not that you need to to keep us reading :-)

Julia said...

Why that no-good, bow-tie wearing, two-timing pie eater!

He sent me the exact same email.

Jolene said...

I know...I say the same thing...why do I have to work! I need time to blog and read blogs! Thanks for your always sweet messages. and yes, where can I sign up for that hallpass on "no other health issues besides cancer" for my BIL? :(

Yankee T said...

Looking forward to the update.

OTRgirl said...

I agree! Work does get in the way of blogging. I think it's an issue I should address in the next staff meeting, no?

Beloved said...

I live in Vermont (and have on and off for more years than I wish to admit). I've never heard of Kimball nor does that Morey guy's comment make any sense, but then neither does half of what I hear in this godforsaken state!

Angela said...

We should all have more time to do the things we really want to do....hope things get a little less crazy busy for you.
What a strange little man....so glad he exists in his own little universe and doesn't come near mine.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha Snickollet and ha ha ha Julia!

Does anyone else think CK looks very sneaky and creepy in his black and white ink portrait? That man looks like he's up to no good. Like -- below his bow tie and pressed-drawn shirt, he's got no pants on.

honglien123 said...

What the hell is "indifferent-tasting"? I can see why you hate this guy. Dragon fruit has a really subtle flavor but I guess you could compare it to a cucumber in the sense that it's mainly water and bland but indifferent? Snooty brat =/