25 June 2007

Big Kids

The twins had their one-year-old well-child appointments this morning. They are getting to be such big kids. Riley is 22 pounds, 4 ounces and Maddie is 21 pounds, 11 ounces, 50th percentile for both. I didn't catch their height, but they are pretty much exactly the same, which puts Riley in the 50th percentile and Maddie in the 75th. They got their daddy's big head: 90th percentile for both.

They both had to get blood drawn for lead screening. No surprise that neither of them was very happy about that. They also got screened for anemia, and we got those results right then and there. No anemia for these kids! Their hemoglobin counts were on the high end of normal, which was good news. I have yet to feed them meat, and I switched them to whole milk from breastmilk/formula, so I was slightly concerned about their iron level. Take that off my list of things to fret about.

Yesterday my dad turned the twins' carseats around so that they face forward. They look so grown-up back there. It's adorable.

I'm so proud of Maddie and Riley. They were rock stars at their birthday party (more on that to come once I recover from the craziness). They get more independent every day. They are hitting all their developmental milestones right on target or ahead of schedule.

They aren't babies anymore. I can't believe it.


buddha_girl said...

OMG I almost jumped through the screen when I saw their picture on the ride-on toy! Sheesh. They are edible, Snick!

I remember when I first turned Buddha's car seat around. I was so damn proud. You'll love looking at their faces while driving.

Congrats on making it through the party and the last few weeks - weeks that would have driven a stronger person to the edge. You're a stong woman.

*hard hugs*

Jolene said...

aww, they will always be your babies. :) I can't wait to read about the party. Anxiously awaiting...

Jolene said...

Just read your comment. I would love it if you met me at Yogurtland! Maybe someday. :) with Maddie and Riley in tow. Thank you so much Snick. You're not only an amazingly strong person but you're thoughtful and generous as well. I really can't wait to hear about the twin's birthday. :)

Alison said...

They are so adorable! My youngest just turned 17 months (he was the same size as your kiddos at 1 year) and I look at him and think he's not a baby any more...but he really is.

I've never commented here before, but I just wanted to add that you have been a real inspiration to me since I started reading your blog.

Tiffany said...

They are not babies at age one but yet they still are. You will know what I mean when they turn 2. That is when they really become toddler!!

Anonymous said...

I remember turning the kids' car seats around -- it seemed SOOO significant! I loved having them in a position where I could see them.

So glad they had such great checkup reports (well, except of course the blood drawing). Congrats Maddie and Riley!

Angela said...

That's so wonderful that they had such good results from their appointment, it must make you feel so great to know that they are doing so well. Way to go Maddie and Riley!