16 May 2007


I think Melinda Doolittle deserves to win American Idol.

That said, here's my first confession: I have such a teenage girl crush on that Blake Lewis.

Confession #2: How jealous am I that one of my best friends was in the audience when Blake and Sir-Mix-A-Lot jammed on "Baby Got Back"?! So, so jealous! I'm just glad they showed a clip of the performance on last night's AI.

Confession #3: I know all the words to "Baby Got Back." I also know all the words to Ton Loc's "Funky Cold Medina."

Go Melinda! Go Blake! For that matter, Go Jordin! I'm off to get another glass of wine, which I clearly don't need.


Heather said...

That's okay. I know all the words to "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys. And I agree with you on both counts about Blake and Melinda. *sheepish*

Kate said...

I think Melinda was ROBBED. I would have loved a Melinda/Blake final. Now if you'll excuse me, I I have to go get another glass of wine.

Sunny said...

I was totally shocked about Melinda but she doesn't fit the 'idol' place. Which is a good thing for her. She will go further without AI.

Now I have a confession too, I LOVE BLAKE!~ He gives me the butterflies. I could watch him all day long with his cute little mouth!

Jillian Weiss said...

Oh no. I thought I would just check out the comments and I read Kate's post about Melinda. I'm on the west coast so I haven't seen the show yet, but my guess now is that Melinda doesn't survive tonight. Oh well, she is fantastic and will have a great career on her own. Blake is a Seattle guy, so I do like him. Although Jordin does have a great voice. Do I sound a little indecisive? Did I really just write this much about American Idol? Wow, I need a ilfe:)

Anonymous said...

I was shocked by tonight's results, but I have to admit I also have such a crush on Blake.

I'm not much of a commenter, but I think you need to know this: You can watch the entire glorious Blake/Sir Mix-a-Lot performance on YouTube. I'm just saying. And it's probably especially good once you've had a few glasses of wine.

Yankee T said...

I have no idea what you're talking about, except that other glass of wine. You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised just a bit, I agree she'll go farther not being the winner, sort of like Daughtry has...Blake is a cutie and I loved what he did during Bon Jovi week...the Idol tour is coming to my city, I'm buying presale tickets, I'm such a dork, but I'm so excited!

Snickollet said...

Oh, thank you Anonymous Commenter and YouTube. I laughed so hard I cried at the various videos of Blake and Sir Mix-A-Lot singing about big butts.

I know I should hate that song, but it's so damn funny.

Little Sis--wish I could go with you to the Idol tour show. They are not coming to Boston, but I may have to go to the show in Portland, Maine. I, too, am a big dork.

Dorcasina said...

Clearly Melinda can sing circles around the others, but am I the only one who got kind of tired of her particular brand of mugging, bending over, and oversinging? She has a great voice, incredible skills with it, and all that, but I have to say that even as a singer I have never liked watching or listening to her as much as I should. Her vocal flourishes all seem too practiced to me, and while she's incredibly skillful, she never seemed real to me. I got really, really tired of the part where she looks fierce and shakes her head from side to side to add emphasis. And while she has a "great" voice (range, pitch, variety), I've never found its unique tone or quality as appealing as, say, Lakisha's much more limited but powerful sound. And Jordin's voice is "prettier."

That said, of course, AI is not about "real" sincerity or even the "best" voice (although sometimes that happens); it's about some type of formulaic oversung pop. (I still love it)

I guess I am too old to have a crush on Blake; he doesn't do it for me. But I DO know all the words to "baby got back," politically suspect as it is. So Snick, we can work it OUT on our "camping" trip.

Christine said...

I'm never watching that show again. What a travesty. I love Melinda and will buy whatever album she comes out with.

Beret said...

I never thought much of Blake until he sang those lyrics "when I get you alone" this week. Yum!

I owned that Ton Loc album "Loc-ed After Dark" I believe it was? So embarassing.

I liked Melinda and wanted it to be a Melinda/Blake finale. Can't stand Jordin!

buddha_girl said...

I have to admit that I don't watch Idol. I'm too entrenched with Dancing with the Stars. With that said, I'll back your opinion with any stranger on the street, sister.

Here's to drinking wine and posting at the same time! Well done!

laura said...

I'm with you on Number 3 - I, too, know every single word to "Baby Got Back." It was a favorite song to sing to the twins when they were brand new, don't ask me why.

I also am proficient at "Shoop," another favorite!

Anonymous said...

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