09 February 2007

A Little Too Close to Home

Just watched another Grey's Anatomy. Fourth episode, Season 1: No Man's Land. I wish a little birdie could have told me that this episode involved someone dying of pancreatic cancer.


Dorcasina said...

I hear you--I only began watching the show (on air) and of course got up in the current story line involving esophageal cancer...just to hear the terminology surrounding the diagnosis and surgery made me feel like I was drowning all over again. I remember when my husband was first diagnosed, any ad for cancer treatment or clinics or related things felt like a good hard kick in the gut.

erk said...

Ohhhhh. I forgot. Sorry. Chirp chirp. In fact I STILL don't remember. I remember somebody on Six Feet Under dying from pancreatic cancer, but not Gray's Anatomy.