27 January 2007

Some Events from Yesterday (spilling into the wee hours of today)

1. Breakfast with friends.
2. Kindermusik class.
3. Maddie is a superstar at physical therapy!
4. Having my mother-in-law show me how to use the podeagi carriers that she brought us from Korea and getting a ton of stuff done around the house with fussy Riley on my back.
5. Family time on the couch in the early, pre-baby-bedtime hour, during which we squeezed in two episodes of Scrubs, Season 4.
6. Braving the bitter cold and going out for dinner with GH after the twins went to bed. We didn't go anyplace fancy, but it was fun to get out and have some grown-up time alone when we were both awake and felt like chatting.
7. Getting home in time to read in bed.

1. Riley continues to try my patience due to being incredibly high-needs right now. If I'm not holding him, he's not happy. (I know it's a phase, and even though it makes me feel loved and needed, it also makes it hard to get anything done!)
2. Two stuffed-up, coughing, sneezing babies.
3. Riley throws up on me due to having a coughing fit right with a mouthful of sweet potato halfway swallowed.
4. Riley poops on me, shortly after having barfed on me.
5. Although I feel bad for Ri-Man, and neither the barfing nor the pooping were his fault, see #1.
6. Toilet stops up at 11:00 p.m. Although the good news is that GH unstops it, it takes him an hour, lots of plunging, and a plumber's snake.
7. Riley cries. And cries. And cries. From 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. We used the ten-minute rule and gave him Tylenol after 20, but to no apparent avail.
8. Riley cries for 20 minutes at 5:30 a.m.
9. See #1.
10. Due to being tired, stressed, and worried about being judged by my mother-in-law for the crying fiasco, I snap and tell GH (at around 3:45 a.m.) that I would appreciate more support during the nighttime parenting gig. This starts a 30 minute discussion, which, while productive, would have been less emotionally fraught at a more reasonable hour.

Today has been good so far. The babies ended up sleeping until about 7:00, which was nice. We had swimming class, which Maddie loved and Riley tolerated. The babies have been napping for just over an hour, although Ri-Man has been fitful. I'm starting to think he could have an ear infection, although the Tylenol last night seemed to give him no relief. Sigh.

Anyways, once the babies are up and fed, I'm going to take them to IKEA with my best friend. GH and I are transforming our dining room into a playroom, and we need some storage units. I think some shelves and plastic bins from this series will be just right. IKEA is so much fun. And so baby friendly! They have a room where you can nurse, places to heat bottles in the cafe, and they even sell baby food. IKEA, ho!


Rachel said...

My SIL loved the podaegi. I wish I'd discovered them sooner.

Sorry you are having such a tough time with Riley. It's so hard when they're sick.

Rev Dr Mom said...

I hope Riley gets through this phase soon. And I'm glad you and GH got some time out alone. Hope the rest of the weekend goes well.

Cathy said...

I keep on hearing good things about IKEA - the nearest one is 250 miles away :(

Yankee, Transferred said...

I miss Bertucci's BAAAAD.

laura said...

Oooooh! I am getting ready to take a trip to IKEA (sans twins - it's about 2 hours away from me) -- it is one of my favorite places. I'm going to check out that storage unit! Glad you got a few hours out with the just two of you. It helps, doesn't it?

laura said...

Okay, sorry to be totally hijacking your comments, but I had a question about swimming lessons. Do you take both babies by yourself? Is that even possible? Am I asking a totally ridiculous question?

Snickollet said...


Firt of all, the IKEA storage units are assembled and in our dining-turned-playroom. I love them! We got red, green, and blue bins to hang in the frame and it looks really fun and kid-friendly.

Re: swimming, my husband goes with me. I wondered if I could do it by myself, but now that we've been twice, I see that it would be too dangerous. I'd have to see if the instructor could take a baby if GH couldn't go. Kindermusik I can do on my own, swimming, not so much. I wish.

Hijack my comments anytime :).