15 January 2007

More on TV

Watched the second half of the 24 season premiere tonight. Was figuratively on the edge of my seat the whole time. Was literally firmly planted in a snuggly position on the couch with GH.

Too bad he had to race off at the end to barf.


Cancer sucks.


Menita said...

It does.
I am so sorry things are so hard.

bg's Little Sis said...

Hey, Just catching up from the past few days. It sucks, I'm sorry, sending you some hard hugs and good wishes. I've lit a candle for GH and you.

Realizing you can do thing by yourself is tough I think, knowing you may have to, horrible and scary, knowing you can I guess is good to knowledge to have.

On the tv stuff I agree, don't beat yourself up on any of it, sounds like you don't and that's good. We do what we have to, we love our kids, we keep moving forward, a little football or show won't derail all your parenting efforts and love.