20 January 2007

Best. Thing. Ever!

Yesterday afternoon, I went in to get Maddie and Riley up from their nap. I had heard them babbling on the monitor for about five minutes, so I knew they were ready to go. I went in and did my usual routine: sit them up and give them each a toy. I like to give them a few minutes to adjust to being awake before we head out for a meal or playtime.

They each grabbed their toy and kept talking. All of a sudden, Riley looked at Maddie and totally cracked up. She looked at him and cracked up back. He tried to get her binkie out of her mouth; that made them both laugh more.

I asked, "Babies, what's so funny?" They turned to me and both gave me this look like, "Mom, you are so not a part of this," looked back at each other, and cracked up some more.

The kept cracking up for a good five minutes, then they realized that they were hungry. It was so fun to see them sharing some kind of private joke. I'd better get used to it, and to "the look."

Two updates: First, Riley slept much better last night. Don't know if it was the Hylands tablets or what, but he had only his usual few short outbursts of crying, each lasting no longer than thirty seconds. Hooray for the Ri-Man!

Second, swimming was a hit for the most part. I did put them in onesies over swim diapers just because they are soooo slippery when wet that I thought the onesie would give me something to hang on to. But someone astutely commented that the wet cotton can make one feel cold, so I might try going onesie-free next week. Both babies seemed to enjoy swimming, but the class falls right when they are usually starting their morning nap, so they were very, very tired and got a bit cranky at the end. They're taking a great nap now, though.


Cathy said...

Yay for the fun time!

I love the story about the twins waking up from their nap!

Rev Dr Mom said...

How cool that they are interacting that way! And I'm glad swimming went well. Sounds like fun!

Yankee, Transferred said...

What a terrific scene you have described! I'm so happy!

bg's Little Sis said...

That is so great!

LCT said...

That is so awesome! I love the picture of them giggling at each other. What fun.