06 January 2007

At Last

I am finally well. I went to the doctor on Friday and ended up on antibiotics. I must have had something bacterial (probably strep, no mastitis, but I did ask!) as I feel like a new person today after the first dose last night. Thank goodness. Being sick was getting O-L-D. I said that to GH yesterday and then laughed at myself. I mean, really! The man feels bad all the time! But being the generous, sympathetic, giving soul that he is, his only response to me was a gentle kiss, a sweet embrace, and an understanding, "I know. It sucks, doesn't it?" Yes, it does. It did.

My dad is in town for a quick visit. As a Christmas gift, we got him (and us) tickets to see Body Worlds 2 (What happened to Body Worlds 1?) at the Museum of Science. I had been worried that neither GH nor I would feel up to attending, but luckily I was wrong. We all (twins in tow, of course) headed out this morning for the first entry of the day. I had hoped to escape some of the crowds by going at 9:00. Ha, ha. Things got off to a rough start because we forgot the Baby Bjorns and thus had to maneuver our large double stroller through the crowds. Plus it was hot, hot, hot and the twins were clearly uncomfortable. We finally ditched the stroller and carried the babies. Much better. My dad, a retired doctor, got to spend a good 2+ hours checking it all out and GH and I dabbled here and there and mostly took care of the babies. It all worked out pretty well, and what I saw of the exhibit was amazing, absolutely fascinating. My dad loved it, and I'm so glad because he's a very hard person to buy gifts for.

I'd never been to the MoS before. Our tickets to Body World included general museum tickets good for the next six months, so we'll definitely go back. It seemed like a really cool place.


Rev Dr Mom said...

Glad you're feeling better!

The Museum of Science is a way cool place. Your post reminds me that we haven't been there in a while and it would be worth the trip into the city to go.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I always loved that Museum. It's one of the things that I miss.