12 December 2006

Where did that week go?

NaBloPoMo ends and I functionally disappear! Oops. I can't believe that I haven't posted in a week.

I've thought about it, but a lot has happened.

For one, my mom was here. I am not going to spend any waking moments when my mom is in town doing anything that does not involve interacting with her. We had an awesome visit. She was so much help with the twins, who always seem to freak out a little when she comes to visit. It's annoying to me that they save their difficult times for when their grandmother is in town, but it's good in the sense that she's around to help when they are being squirrley. (More on twin squirrliness later.) Mom and I got some nice mother/daughter time in yesterday when we put the twins in daycare for four hours (hey, I have to pay for it anyway, why not use it?) and I treated her to a manicure/pedicure and lunch as a belated b-day present. Fun times. She also got to go to our class with us last Friday and had a great time at that. And then, on Friday night, Mom was brave enough to babysit while GH and I went out to celebrate his 34th birthday which had been on the 7th. We had a real grown-up dinner at Craigie Street Bistrot, Dinner was actually rather disappointing, but it was really nice to get out and have some time to ourselves. And happy birthday to my wonderful husband. I'm so glad you made it to 34.

About that twin freakout: Every night that my mom was in town, Riley woke up hourly. Yes, hourly. Shouting. Not crying, not screaming, but shouting. Most of the time, he was not even really awake, but if I didn't pick him up and hold him for about 30 seconds, he would shout and shout until he woke up for real and started sobbing. It's been awful. And then he gets up for the day at 5:00, happy as a clam. We've tried swaddling, unswaddling, Tylenol (thinking it could be teething pain), Hyland's teething tablets, you name it. Oy. I'm losing my mind. He's had night terrors before, but this is a bit different--a different shout, if you will. The first few nights I figured it would pass, but last night was night five, and I'm really starting to feel the effects. I'm going to a Moms of Twins meeting tonight and am hoping for some good advice. Might also call the pediatrician. I feel so bad for my little man! And, frankly, myself.

I have lots to write about: potential job interview, Maddie's EI evaluation. But for now I need to do some actual work. The day is flying by.


OTRgirl said...

I'm glad for you that you have a Mom who is relaxing and helpful. That sounds like a wonderful visit.

With Riley's shouting, you do wonder what babies dream about...

Happy birthday to GH!

Rachel said...

Wow, it sounds like he has night terrors. It must be so hard for you to function. Sleep-deprivation sucks. Hope he gets over it soon!

Happy Birthday to GH, from a fellow Sag. :)