04 December 2006


Hello, Monday that fits all Monday-related stereotypes. Kids wanted to get up at 5:00, and no attempts to convince them that was a bad idea would work. Had argument with husband at 6:15am. First snow (not enough to be a problem on the commute, and it's actually rather pretty, but still!) Forgot my lunch. Have waaaaay too much to do at work and waaaaay too little motivation. Have to spend afternoon at company sales meeting. First phone call of the day was to Early Intervention to make an appointment for Maddie to get evaluated (more on that soon; nothing serious, but still).

On the plus side, I'm wearing pre-pregnancy dress pants (have to look nice for aforementioned sales meeting) that I pulled out on a whim thinking they would never fit, but what the hell, why not try. And lo, they fit just fine. Shocker, in a good way.

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bg's Little Sis said...

You really packed a lot into that short post, Isabel woke at 5 on Saturday, just ready to start the day! I hate starting my mornings like this, arguing with hubby, piles of work waiting for your attention, stress about children. At least the pants fit, so that's good right.

Hope the EI stuff goes well. We did a similar thing in Virginia with my oldest, was very much worth it for us. Good luck.