19 December 2006

Calgon, take me away.

Survived another uncontrollable bloody nose yesterday. GH spent 13 hours in the ER, but avoided having a balloon shoved up his nostril.

It was a long, awful day, and GH and I weren't even together. I dropped GH off at the ER, made sure he got checked in, then took the twins to day care. I then headed back downtown, thinking I was going to pick GH up as per a phone message he left me, but he called when I got downtown and said that the nose had started up again and he was going to have to stick around. So, I went by my best friend's workplace to pick up something she had for me (she works near the hospital) and ended up hanging around all afternoon with her because she had little work to do and there was parking by her office. I kept getting calls from GH saying, "OK, I can go now," only to get a call five minutes later that something else had happened: he had a fever, or he needed platelets, or he needed a chest X-ray or whatever.

I finally threw in the towel at 3:30 and went home to get the twins at day care. GH ended up not getting home until 10:00pm, ugh. Luckily for me, a friend was able to pick him up at the hospital so that I didn't have to trek back there with sleeping babies. Boy was I glad to see GH walk in the door at 10:00. He's doing much better, but home today resting since he didn't get much rest at all in the ER. Hospitals are terrible places to rest. Oh, the irony.

It was a long day. And this post is almost as boring as my posts about sleep! I promise to have something new soon.

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Angela said...

I'm so sorry it was such an awful and exhausting day. I'm so glad GH is home, hope he's feeling a little better. Sending good thoughts your way.