16 November 2006

It's Thursday, Not Monday

I wanted to be whimsical and funny and breezy today, full of good cheer and smiles. Instead, I present to you My Day and my sincere hope that I can be sunnier tomorrow.

1:00 Maddie up for no good reason, crying. GH gets her back to sleep.
3:00 Everyone who is a baby eats.
5:00 Everyone who is a baby decides it’s time to get up. GH gets up with Riley. Maddie stays in bed with me. She intermittently fusses, punches me in the face, and dozes.
5:30 I hear a big CRASH in the bathroom. I ignore it.
6:00 Maddie is doing more punching and fussing than dozing, so I get up. I find Riley asleep in his carseat and GH on the couch under a blanket, watching TV with no sound. GH explains that the crash I heard was him falling over in the bathroom and hitting his back (?!) on the tub.
6:00-7:00 I race around and do all the morning prep work (packing my bag, packing lunches, mixing formula and packing the baby bag, etc.) because GH is sacked out on the couch.
7:00 I feed babies, GH takes shower.
7:15 I go to take shower, but drop one of my contact lenses on the floor and have to spend 10 minutes looking for it.
7:40 GH and I argue about whether or not his back can handle carrying the babies and going to work. We decide it can. I race out the door because I’m seriously behind at work and need to come in early.
8:10 I arrive at work. Traffic was a serious bitch.
8:15 I cook myself some oatmeal because I didn’t have time for breakfast at home. I decide to multitask and make my coffee while my oatmeal cooks. The oatmeal boils over in the microwave, creating a sticky mess.
8:30 I work for an hour.
9:30 I go to a company meeting led by Ken Doll from the home office. He assures us that our company is a "vital part of the corporate portfolio" and that our company president, who recently quit, will be replaced ASAP. He admonishes us all to keep our noses to the grindstone. He uses a lot of Successories in his speech. I feel ill.
10:00 I pump.
10:30 I work for 30 min.
11:00 I go get my haircut.
12:30 I work for 30 min.
1:00 I pump.
1:30 I work for 30 min.
2:00 Cake and a surprise party for a pregnant coworker!
3:00 Department meeting! I am handed a deadly boring proofreading project. "Yay."
3:30 Meeting for which I am totally, 100% unprepared. But the woman I'm meeting with fails to notice! Score!
4:00 I pump.
NOW I'm gearing up to go home.

The day has actually gotten steadily better as it goes on. I'm hoping this means that I will get home to find a husband whose back magically feels better and two happy babies.

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Yankee, Transferred said...

Oooh, so sorry about the fall. Poor GH. Poor you. Glad the day was picking up, though.