24 October 2006

Tuesday 24 October, Better Known As "How Many Carbs Can I Eat in One Day?"

• a slice of pizza
• a pumpkin muffin
• some rice pilaf
• a piece of banana cake
• a goodly amount of peanut-butter filled pretzel nuggets

And it's only 3:24pm!


OTRgirl said...

Good to get the overall update. It must be frustrating to feel like you don't have 'enough' even though that's not true. I'm glad to hear they are both doing well and growing so much. You must be doing something right. ;-)

As for GH, sigh. I'm glad they have another treatment to try. I just want every bit of cancer to disappear from his body so he can be a dad to those little babies for a long time to come. Niave, but true...

snickollet said...

OTRgirl, your hope may be naive, but it's one that I share.

buddha_girl said...

I have some homemade applesauce cake that's divine. Screw the carb count. Calories can be counted another day.

I'm with OTR...thinking positive thoughts and sending warm comfort your way. Your strength and endurance are both amazing and admirable.

*hard hugs*

bg's Little Sis said...

Where do you get the pb filled pretzel things, I want some of that!

You're breastfeeding, eat it all baby, soon enough you'll have to start being so careful, those after baby pounds made it hard for me to keep up with the little ones and taking them off has been a whole other journey.

Ditto on what OTR said, some days we have just that hope to hold to, it keeps us going. Faith is tough, but I believe.

snickollet said...

Little Sis--The p.b. filled pretzels come from Trader Joe's. Do you have Trader Joe's where you live? They have the best snacks, and these pretzels are some of my favorites. They also make *chocolate covered* peanut-butter-filled pretzels that are seriously dangerous they are so delicious. Highly recommended!

Yankee, Transferred said...

Lots of love to you all.

bg's Little Sis said...

Sadly Snick, no Trader Joe's here, but I here folks tell of it all the time like it's a place of wonder and excitement.