22 September 2006

Working It (and Feeling a Little Guilty)

My mother-in-law is leaving today. I have mixed emotions about this. She's been a great help, but our relationship is strained at times, and I'll be glad to rule the roost again, so to speak.

One of my mother-in-law's most admirable qualities is her generosity. She is a true caregiver. She gives of her time, her money, her wisdom. I learned early on that if I complimented her on something in her house or something that she was wearing that she'd almost inevitably give said thing to me. I am careful about the compliments as I feel guilty sometimes for all the things she gives me just because I say I like them.

When she arrived at our house, she was wearing a gorgeous rust-orange fall raincoat. I love orange. It's my favorite color by a long shot. I could tell it was a new coat. I thought to myself, "If I compliment her on that coat, it could be mine! All mine!"

I felt bad for thinking that.

For about 30 seconds.

Then I said, "That coat is really beautiful! I just love that color!"

Her bags are packed, she's all set to go to the airport, and guess what's hanging on the hook by my front door?

A rust-orange fall raincoat.


Yankee, Transferred said...

Aw, Snick, that's sweet of her. It's the way she makes up for the times when she says the wrong thing.

OTRgirl said...

I finally have a moment to catch up on all your adventures. Love the coat. I like the individual modu freeze idea. We usually put them on a cookie sheet and pre-freeze that way. But its often hard to find room for a whole cookie sheet.

Glad the chemo and the twins are doing well!

soralis said...

That is so sweet. I guess that's her way of trying to be kind.

Glad to hear that your hubbys chemo is going as well as can be expected. Hope you guys get a miracle!

Take care

bg's Little Sis said...

That is so nice of her, and you do a lot she probably wants you to know how much she cares and appreciates you even when the relationship gets strained. Happy for you on all fronts!