14 September 2006

Two Totally Unrelated Observations

I guess I am having a "two" theme today. Must go with having twins! Ha ha ha. (That really wasn't very funny at all.)

1. I am a professional editor. Like anyone, though, I have a terrible time editing my own work. When I read over my old blog entries, I'm shocked by the horrible mistakes I find. Oy!
2. My father-in-law does not put the toilet seat down. At least once a day since his arrival, I have nearly plunged to my demise by sitting down on a gaping-open toilet. Makes me appreciate that GH always lowers the seat.


Yankee, Transferred said...

Oy with the toilet seat.

soralis said...

ewe To the seat thing!!

Whenever I hear about toilet seats up I think of one day coming home and going to the bathroom only to see the seat was up (as I was the last one to leave in the morning I knew the seat was down since I used the toidy) I bolted from the house as I thought someone had broken in. I was freaked right out, nothing seem to be out of place though so it looked like someone had broken in to steal a pee! :) Anyway it turned out my father was in that end of town and really had to go so he stopped at our house and borrowed the facilities. It was so funny when we figured everything out my mom yelled at my dad for not putting the seat down! So anyway that's my seat up story!

(I don't proof read anything so I am afraid of what I post! LOL!)

Take care