12 September 2006

Feeling Pretty

I had a great weekend with my sister-in-law. She is so much help and she brings a real energy to our house. She's a high-powered lawyer, very classy, very stylish, very energetic, very hip. I love to hear about all the trendy restaurants she goes to, the lounges, the bars, the high-end dens of fashion where she shops. That's never been my scene, so it's like having a window into a whole new world.

We did make it to the mall and hit Sephora with hurricane force to get the supplies for my new "I want to feel pretty again" regime. I spent almost $100 on makeup and felt deliriously extravagant. When you consider that I have bought no makeup since about 1990, it's not such an indulgence.

Here's what we got. I would link to the products, but I when I'm at home I work in Safari which is not set up to do the links with the click of a button and I'm an HTML loser. So sorry for that. Anyways . . .

Benefit Dandelion Powder: a nice, rosy powder that brings your skin to life
Benefit Gilded (or something like that) eye makeup pencil: a warm gold color that you just swipe on like a crayon
Nars Orgasm blush: who can resist a name like that?
A few lip glosses from Aveda

Simple! Easy! Even I can do it! I tried it out yesterday and did feel instantly perkier, like I had a secret weapon. Part of me hates that makeup can give me a lift--I want to be able to feel good about myself without enhancement. There's another part of me that is just so grateful for the lift that I don't give a rat's ass how I get it.

My sis-in-law also gave me a pair of castoff Seven jeans. Ooh, la la! Nothing can stop me now. The jeans come at a good time. Last weekend I went to the mall with the intent of getting a pair of jeans. I left empty-handed because I couldn't find anything that I liked for under $50, even at the Gap. When did the Gap start charging $50 for jeans? Clearly I don't shop very often!


bg's Little Sis said...

Seven jeans!!! Jealousy is so ugly of me! And I love love love new makeup, I too wish it didn't make me feel so good, but I figure it's just the child in me that loved playing dressup rejoicing that she one this battle.

Yankee, Transferred said...

A new round of makeup does wonders for the soul! I'm glad your cool sister-in-law is around. Pictures! We want pictures! Babies grow and we want to see it.

OTRgirl said...

Nice that the sister-in-law is fun to be with. I have to agree that having Korean in-laws has made me much more fashion conscious than I ever would have been on my own! The fact that Jrex's mom buys him name brand boxers... crazy!

By the way, I'm having trouble figuring out how to send email from home (I think the server settings are wrong. Whatever.) The point being, I loved the pictures!

snickollet said...

OTRgirl: My mother-in-law buys name brand boxers and undershirts for GH, too! I found it weird at first that his mom still bought him underwear, but hey, something less for us to buy.

Glad you liked the pictures. The kids and I loved the onesies!