18 September 2006

Bounce [squeak], Bounce [squeak]

Life has been immensely improved around our house with the addition of the exercise ball to our baby soothing routine. It's especially helpful for Riley. As soon as he starts acting tired, it's on the ball with him! Most times, it will put him right to sleep, if by "right" we're all clear that I mean "in less than ten minutes and with little to no fussing."

The thing is that we live in a house that is almost one hundred years old. Our wooden floors creak with nearly every step we take. This means that with every bounce on the ball comes a squeak in the floors. Call my a perv, but the rhythmic intensity of the squeaking takes me back to college days or a night in a cheap motel, listening to the squeak of the bed as the couple next door enjoys a night of fun. Luckily, as I lull my children to sleep, I'm not tempted to bang on the wall and yell, "Enough already!"

1 comment:

Yankee, Transferred said...

HOWLING! Glad you found something that works.