08 July 2006

Oh Yeah, Cancer

A number of people have kindly asked about GH, his treatment, and how he's doing. I confess that with all the baby stuff going on, cancer has been back-burnered for me. On one hand, this is good. GH is doing well enough that I haven't had to think about cancer all the time. On the other hand, I've had to work hard sometimes to remind myself that while the sleep deprivation and all the newness of the babies can be hard on me, it's extra hard on someone with terminal Stage IV cancer. He gets more naps than me, he does less around the house and with the babies than I do, and that's the way it should be. But I confess that sometimes, in my sleep-deprived state, I've felt resentful of him complaining about being tired or wanting a nap. Sigh. Cancer is so lame.

GH has gotten one treatment since the babies were born. It was a short one due to low platelets. Low platelets are also lame. We're hoping that this coming Wednesday he'll get a full treatment and that we'll also get some tumor marker numbers back. The lab that processes GH's bloodwork has, for some reason, not been running marker tests even when blood is drawn. The oncologist and RN have called repeatedly to no avail. Sigh. In the absence of actual numbers, we've tried to be content with the fact that GH's energy level and overall demeanor would indicate that treatment is going well.

GH has one more week at work then he's on two weeks of paternity leave followed by five weeks of summer vacation. Hooray! I'm looking forward to lots of family time. Too bad it comes as we head into the "grouchy month" with the babies. Our pediatrician says that for most babies, weeks three through six are progressively crankier, but that after week six, things start getting easier and easier. Bring it on, babies. We're ready! Well, I guess we're ready. I hope that cancer doesn't slow us down too much.

Cancer, you are so fucking LAME!


Leggy said...

I can't even imagine. That resentment of who's doing more is one of the roughest things about marriage and parenthood. He's certainly got a legit excuse, but that doesn't make your own exhaustion or need for a break any less real. Are you parents still around or did they go home?

weigook saram said...

Well, it's nice that he will have such a long break to spend with you and the babies. It must be so hard to do almost everything by yourself, yet not even have the luxury of resentment!

soralis said...

I can't imagine how difficult it would be to manage all that you are going through... twins are quite and adjustment alone without all the other 'stuff' you have to deal with.

I am glad your hubbs has some time off so you can all have some family time.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Love and good vibes going your way...

bg's Little Sis said...

Glad he's feeling pretty good and that he's got some time off coming up to share with you and the babies. Loved her pic btw in the bowl, so cute.