04 July 2006

Firsts on the Fourth

Life with newborns is all about firsts. First bath, first walk outside, first visitors, first time sleeping more than two hours at a stretch, first time in the swing, first time on the deck, first exploding poopy diaper, first Fourth of July, first week of life.

Already I can see why it's hard to go back to work,* and I've only had these guys for eleven days. They are so funny, so fun, and so precious.

Anyway, babies are much more interesting than jobs, at least to me right now. Yesterday's first was not a very fun one: first emergency visit to the pediatrician. I was changing Maddie in the early afternoon when I noticed that her cord, which had not yet fallen off, was looking oozy and had a nasty smell. Ugh. Infection! So I called the pediatrician, felt bad for not noticing sooner, and got an appointment for two hours later. All turned out fine. The doctor cleaned her belly button up and put some silver nitrate on it. I guess it wasn't infected per se, it's just that the healing tissue that needed to grow there had gotten out of control and was getting icky and vile. The silver nitrate neutralized it and now everything is fine. Phew. But I got a small taste of what it's like to have a sick kid and not be able to do anything. Very helpless was I. Luckily, it was a quick fix.

Much to my surprise, I find that I love the nighttime feedings. The babies are getting up around twice in the middle of the night. Usually they go down about 10:00pm, then get up at 1:00am and again at 4:00am. This is, of course, give or take a few hours and not without bumps, but that's the average. I love the low light, the cuddle time, the quiet in the house while they eat. I usually put in a video to watch while they feed, and GH brings me something to drink and a snack: cookies and milk, crackers and cheese, peanut butter pretzels, plenty of water. After they are fed, we each take a baby and sit on the couch and talk or watch the video until the babies are good and asleep and will lie down in their crib and slumber off. It's about an hour long process and it's just so peaceful and relaxing to me, especially since I don't have to go to work in the morning. Days are hotter and less relaxing. Something about the nighttime is really special.

My hormones are getting under control. I still have fears and worries about doing all this without GH and the unfairness of it all, but I've been more able for the past few days to concentrate on the joys of the babies. I can already see them growing! (At their checkup on 30 June, they had surpassed their birthweights by 5oz each.) Maddie is a miniature John in looks and temperament, and Riley is his own little man.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. I've never liked fireworks much, but I do love to have a BBQ. Mom's making her famous potato salad and we're putting hot dogs, chicken sausages, and corn on the cob on the grill. Riley has a onesie covered in blue stars to wear in honor of the occasion. I plan to drink a beer! I am so crazy. Anyone want to come over? Hope you all get a day off and enjoy it, doing whatever you like to do.

* Speaking of work, I got a call yesterday from my HR department wanting to a) know the babies' middle names and b) wanting to talk to me about the Managing Editor position. Wish I'd checked my messages before 5:00 since today is a holiday. So I'm waiting for tomorrow to get word. I find that I don't really care what the answer is. I'm too sleepy and smitten with my babies to give a damn if I get a promotion. Frankly, it would be great to move from a cubicle to an office if for nothing else than breastfeeding privacy. And who couldn't use a fat raise? But I'll be fine if it doesn't work out, too.


weigook saram said...

Happy 4th! Your babies are sooooo cute. It sounds like you're doing pretty well, all things considered. I can't say I ever enjoyed night feedings! (Well, I enjoyed the snuggling and nursing but not the sleep deprivation.)

soralis said...

Sounds like you are adjusting well. I am glad you enjoy the night feedins as I found them quite tiring!! :)

Take care and good luck with the promotion!

bg's Little Sis said...

They are growing and beautiful. Sounds like you're doing GREAT! With my first I loved the night feedings with the second not so much, with my recent third I did enjoy them again. Must be the space in age between my first 2 and my infant, but I agree with you on the quiet and serenity of the early morning feedings.

Good luck on the promotion, extra money never is a bad thing with new kids.