31 July 2006

Bon Voyage

We're going to Detroit. We'll leave tomorrow morning after our usual morning walk and feeding, a time when the twins usually sleep anyway. As one commenter suggested: we can always turn around in the first day is total hell!

Our only potential snag is that our route requires us to go through Canada. GH and I have passports, of course. The babies? Not so much ID. We don't even have birth certificates yet as they are not available until 60 days after the babies are born and then you have to apply by mail. We're working on figuring out entry/exit requirements, but if it becomes too cumbersome, we may have to ditch the trip. It's way too long a trip if we don't go via Canada.

We just had a great weekend with GH's sister and brother who flew in to meet the babies. They were a great help and just loved meeting their niece and nephew. We ventured out for both dim sum and ice cream, took a few walks, and just enjoyed each others' company.

Not much of an update, I know, but we need to get packing and researching. Wish us luck!

I'll try to post from Detroit.


bg's Little Sis said...

Good luck, I hope it all goes well for you!

soralis said...

Good luck, hope you enjoy the trip and the Canada thing works out.

lct said...

Good luck! I hope it's a smooth journey. Babies' first road trip!

L said...

I hope you guys have a safe, uneventful trip.