01 June 2006

The Irony

The twins are scheduled to arrive on 22 June, the first day of the astrological sign of (drumroll please . . . )



Maybe they'll come one day early, the last day of Gemini. Doesn't that seem more fitting?


lct said...

Totally more fitting.

weigook saram said...

Yes, Gemini sounds better to me. Twins are usually early, so who knows?

One of my friends, who's really into astrology, kept telling me how bad it was that K was going to be a Taurus, as if I could do anything about it! Well, K certainly is bull-headed. ;)

Yankee T said...

Gemini, is what I am thinking. Whatever they are, they'll be perfect!

soralis said...

I am hoping for Gemini for you. I always hated that 'other' sign anyway.

Take care

Menita said...

Um, yeah. Def. Gemini. Absolutely.

Patti said...

My gemini twins vote for gemini. Your kids are big -- they might come early!

Beret said...

New reader delurking to say I can't wait to "meet" your babies, whatever sign they are!

Leggy said...

Since twins are usually early, hopefully we're talking Gemini. My brother was a Cancer (I am a Leo)- always thought Cancer was a bizarre astrological sign. Couldn't they come up with a better name?

OTRgirl said...

Yeah, I'm thinking twins are better than a crab!

Haven't had a chance to check blogs in a bit, you've been busy!

It's nice to catch up a bit. I'm very glad to hear the twins are staying put (For my own selfish reasons...).

The new promotion possibility sounds great though!

Supa D. Fresh said...

Oh man. I have a happy ending for you though.

My late husband was a cancer, too. I never liked it; he was older than me and I did not need the reminder that he'd go sooner (and I certainly didn't think he would go THEN, when we had a toddler). And he died from cancer, too (kidney, stage IV).

But. I started dating. An old friend. And he was something special. And he wanted the same things I did. (And we just married.) I don't put much stock in the meaning of horoscopes but I asked him anyway: Year of the Cock.

It's so fitting.

I'm just sayin'! :-)