15 May 2006

Baby Update

Had my first appointment where I was "hooked up to the monitor" today. I got to sit and read for 20 minutes while ultrasound discs on my belly measured the babies' heart rates. Everything looked great. That was actually the first time I'd heard the heartbeats since usually the doctor just looks at the hearts on ultrasound--with twins, it's often easier to see than to hear. It can be hard to distinguish between the two heartbeats by sound alone.

After the monitor, I did get to see the babies on ultrasound. They are growing like weeds. One weighs 4lbs 3oz, the other 4lbs 6oz. I'm closing in on nine pounds of baby in there! No wonder I gained almost an inch around this week in girth. I'm up to 45.25".

I have to go see the maternal/fetal specialist weekly from this point on, and I think next week is when I start weekly OB appointments, too. Between me and GH, we keep our medical teams busy.


Claire said...

Excellent babies! Terrific news!

Jan said...

Delurking here... Sounds like great weights for the babies! Glad you are doing so well in the incubating department!