19 April 2006

Running Out of Steam

I am Textbook Pregnancy Girl. I felt ravenous and sick and exhausted during the first trimester, just like the books say you will. During the second trimester, I felt like a million bucks, just like the books say you will. I had tons of energy, lots of motivation to prepare for the babies' arrival, an overall sense of excitement about things to come (baby-wise, at least).

I am now very much into the third trimester. I have nine weeks to go, and I'm starting to run out of steam. Just like all the books say will happen, I can feel a tiredness settling in. I yawn and have a hard time concentrating after 2:00 at work (especially when proofreading vocabulary books, as I've been doing this week). I get home from work and have a hard time getting stuff done around the house--the appeal of the couch is too great. My interest in exercise is waning, although when I do get out for a walk or take a yoga class, I generally feel energized by it.

I'm reminding myself that I did all that work in the second trimester so that I could rest up during the third. I'm trying not to get sucked into projects that don't need to be done. It's hard for me.

People often comment (both in my "real" life and my Internet life) that they are amazed by how much I do. I've been thinking about that a lot. What I've realized is that it's all about control. There are so many things about GH's illness that I can't control that any other little thing that I can control, I do. Or I at least try to.

It's time to let some of that go now. It's time to watch DVDs, read books, rest, spend time with GH. We need each other, and the babies need me to be rested and focused.

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weigook saram said...

Rest while you can! Really.

I remember during the 3rd trimester I spent a lot of time zoning out on the couch with movies from Netflix, and sitting by myself in coffeehouses reading. After the baby came, I was glad I'd done those things, because for a long time there was no "me" time.