13 March 2006

Two Big Ones

Two big baby kicks this weekend:

1. GH had his head on my belly and got one right to the temple.
2. I actually saw one! I had my shirt up over my belly and the damn Sudoku book resting on the top edge, and first felt one big enough to cause the book to move. Then I looked down at my belly and saw the next one, a jab right near the top.

Very cool!


lct said...

Eek! Aliens!

Yankee T said...

Excellent news! I've been off the circuit for a few days, but I wanted to tell you about your post regarding letting people help you: I was single when I adopted my girls, and I promise you, I needed help! You and GH will have your hands full with 2 babies-you will need help. Get used to accepting it now if you can, and it will be an amazing need filled when the babies come. I know it's hard to start, but have at it-it may save your sanity! Glad all is well. Thinking of you...