23 March 2006

No More BBQ for the Goose

We live near an amazing BBQ restaurant. Amazing. Oddly, our condo is about a mile from one of the two locations and our old apartment was about a mile from the other. It's always been a favorite spot for good, cheap, caloric dinners, and the mashed potatoes were a lifesaver during the morning sickness weeks of my pregnancy.

Since the morning sickness jones for potatoes has passed, I haven't had much interest in going there. Throughout my pregnancy, meat has not sounded particularly good to me, but it's all worked out well because GH has found the mere thought of BBQ nauseating for months on end. GI cancer will do that to a person. Oddly, though, last night we both had a hankering for the Blue Ribbon, so we had no choice but to give in.

It all worked out great for me. What I ate of my meal was awesome. Things did no go so well for poor GH. He lasted about 45 min at home after dinner before he lost it all, poor baby. I don't think we'll be eating there again for a long, long time. RIP, Blue Ribbon. We'll miss you.

(Aside: the title of this post refers to my husband; the G in the GH name stands for Goose.)


Christine said...

I love the Blue Ribbon. But I know what you mean. My husband had a treatment on Monday and has been living on eggs and toast since. Poor baby.

Hope GH feels better soon!

OTRgirl said...

This has nothing to do with your current post, but it's a slow day at work so I read your first few entries.

I enjoy your writing. It's quite interesting to read about how they do the egg thing. (yeah, I'm eloquent today!)

lesbonstemps said...

It's funny how different people have different cravings/ aversions during pregnancy. I craved meat a lot.

I'm sorry that your husband got sick afterward. It sucks how illness robs the joy from everyday pleasures.

Yankee T said...

Gah! I'm sorry. I was a big fan of the old Blue Ribbon until I moved to Memphis where barbecue is a religion.

Liligurl said...

I love Blue Ribbon, I live about 45 min from there, but if I'm close I go out of my way to get some great BBQ.