29 March 2006

Let the games begin!

The Weekend is nearly here. GH has chemo this afternoon and we've got nothing on the agenda for tonight because we need to rest up. Here's the schedule, from my perspective:

Swim at the Y.
Go to work.
Go to Anatomy class.
Leave Anatomy class early to go to Parenting class.
Pick up my dad at the T station on the way home from Parenting class.
Collapse in bed.

Take best friend to airport at insane early-morning time that cannot be mentioned in print.
Catch a few more Zs.
Go to OB appointment.
Go to work.
Pick up in-laws at airport.
Meet GH and my dad for dinner.
Drop in-laws off at hotel (YAY!)
Collapse in bed.

Go with my dad to yard sale sponsored by the twin group that I belong to.
Drop Father off at home.
Rendez-vous with in-laws and GH.
Go buy baby furniture.
Do something . . . anything . . . relaxing . . . and quiet . . . for a few hours . . .
Group dinner.
Go to Boston Symphony with GH, letting Father and in-laws fend for themselves.
Collapse in bed.

Drop in-laws off at airport.
Collapse in bed and stay there for most of the day.

All the running around and stuff will be fine. Tiring and probably somewhat annoying, but fine, for me. I worry about the toll it will take on GH, though. His parents are not good about respecting the fact that errands are exhausting for him. We'll see how things go.

I'm feeling pretty emotionally calm about the in-laws' arrival. The venting here and the advice I got from some other online friends helped. The fact that the in-laws are staying at a hotel is nice, too. And they're leaving relatively early on Sunday (noon flight). It should be OK.

I've been concentrating on being quiet this week, not doing much other than going to work, going home, and taking care of myself. I want to be rested for the weekend. I've been pretty successful. I've been eating healthy food, exercising, sleeping. I'm looking forward to seeing the twins on Friday. They have not been moving as much lately, which makes me a bit nervous. It's always reassuring to see them and know that all is well, from what we can see.

Will post as time permits.


Leggy said...

Ugh- just reading that sounds exhausting. But I'm glad that inlaws are staying at the hotel and that you'll have most of Sunday to recover. I hope they are respectful of GH's need to rejuvenate between jaunts as that seems to be the biggest worry. I hope he is good at advocating for himself. Good luck!

Dorcasina said...

Okay, just reading about this wears me out! I don't know that I ever had such energy...
Can you and GH talk ahead of time about how to preserve his energy, or just remind him that you want him to be aware and shout "Enough" with the errand running?
My husband preferred to exhaust himself with the mundane tasks--they made him feel human, and, as he said with bleak humor, it wasn't like he was going to feel better any time soon! But he did develop, in time, a better sense of his own capacity, and greater willingness to announce his needs, where before he had always pushed himself to meet other people's...
I also found myself to be a lot braver/pushier on his behalf, and suspect that if it is necessary, you will do the same.
Thinking of you--I always worry when I blog particularly "down" stuff, as though I could somehow protect you from what is coming, or pretend that it won't be as bad as it is. Oh that I could!

weigook saram said...

Yeah, that sounds like a pretty draining schedule. I think your husband should be firm and set limits with the parents if he doesn't feel like going out.

It's good that the inlaws are staying at a hotel.

Good luck with everything!