16 February 2006

The Little Things

I'm happy to report that so far today (3:15pm Eastern time), I have managed to NOT run into anything with my car. I even managed to take the car in for its yearly safety inspection and have the guy who did the inspection look at my tire and make sure it was safe for me to drive. I got the green light. Whew. Today is looking UP.

To add to the goodness, it's 62°F and sunny. In Boston. In February. Amazing. OK, OK, global warming blah blah, but for today I'm just going to take it at face value and enjoy it.

And tomorrow's Friday! A special Friday: GH's last radiation treatment.

And we leave for Oregon on Saturday!

Definitely up.


Menita said...

Hurray for the last radiation treatment :)

Yankee T said...

Glad things seem better! You're on a real roller coaster!

Linda said...


I saw your comment on Akeeyu's site the other week and added you to my "Moms of Multiples" blogroll. I hope that's okay~please let me know if it's not. Thanks!