12 October 2005

A Long Winter's Nap

One of the diagnostic tests I has as I embarked on the infertility treatment journey was a test in which saline was put in my uterus and then the uterus was examined by ultrasound to see if it looked pretty and happy and nice. The nurse who did the ultrasound at this procedure said, upon seeing my uterus on screen, "Oh, that looks like the perfect place for a long winter's nap."

Here's hoping.

We had four embryos that grew and divided. Two of them were implanted this morning, a six-cell and an eight-cell. Two others were frozen. The four sucky ones were destroyed. I got a picture of the two that were implanted. That's pretty freaking cool.

I found the transfer to be 100% pain-free and easy physically. I was so emotional afterwards, though. I cried all the way to work. Everyone at the clinic was so awesome--so caring, so supportive. And it was extra-great that Dr. Best was the doc in the clinic that day, so that he could be there for the very beginning of what I hope is something.

As an aside, I managed to restrain myself from a moment of total inappropriateness when, as I was laying on the exam table, I very nearly asked Dr. Best if he wanted to come to our housewarming this weekend. I bit my tongue, for once.

Anyway, now the waiting, about which I feel very calm. I need to call and schedule my pregnancy test for Sunday 23 October, then that week schedule either a prenatal or Plan B appointment with Dr. Best.

As I sit here at my desk at work, I will forget what happened this morning, then remember, and feel like I have the most delicious secret. I talked to the embryos a bit in the car. I just want to give them all the encouragement I can.

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Supa D. Fresh said...

I have a picture of my girl as an embryo too, and the one that didn't make it (not that i know which is which!).