09 October 2005


The harvest went as smooth as silk. We were there at 9:15, in the pre-op area by 9:30, and I was in the operating room by 10:20, ten whole minutes early. I remember the lights fading away as I drifted off into my anesthesia-induced sleep. Then, true to form, when I awoke from my anesthetic, I was immediately, coherently wide awake and immediately wanted to eat. Saltines and ginger ale, bah. I was glad I baked pumpkin-chocolate-chip muffins last night. My post-op muffin served me well, and I think that Dr. Best was sincerely touched by the pre-op muffin that I gave him.

Dr. Best harvested sixteen eggs, more than expected. He also caught me off guard by proposing that (assuming some of the eggs fertilize) that he transfer three embryos on Wednesday. Yesterday, over breakfast, GH and I spent a goodly amount of time talking about how many embroys we thought she be transferred. On Friday, Dr. Best had proposed two. GH and I felt comfortable with that, but still had a lot to talk about as we don't feel like having twins is something we could handle right now. I was so not prepared for the idea of transferring three that I signed the consent without really thinking about it until later. Might have to call Dr. Best and say, um, no, not three, two please.

This discussion did lead me to the rude question that I asked Dr. Best. I just couldn't help myself. In talking to friends and in doing my own research, I have seen a lot of information pointing to IVF centers wanting to boost their pregnancy rates and having that rate be the driving force behind the decisions they make with patients. Obviously, everyone who goes to an IVF center wants to get pregnant, but not at the expense of a dangerous HOM pregnancy or even sometimes risking twins. GH and I are a stats-boosting wet dream. All signs are that we're fertile as the day is long, we just have to use the frozen stuff due to the whole cancer thing. So I just had to ask Dr. Best: are you recommending that we transfer three just so you can get a positive on the first round, not for us, but for you?

He took the question well. And the truth is that I've never doubted his motivation with us. He's been so supportive and wonderful. Frankly, I have a huge crush on him. (Do you suppose it's improper to invite your RE to your housewarming?) But I had to ask, and he his usual wonderful, honest self. He assured me that the center's philosophy, as well as his own, is to treat anyone who needs help and to use that person's situation to make the best decision. He knows we're working with a (potential) time constraint, and he wants to get things cooking, so to speak.

We still might ask him to implant only two. We'll see. More things to talk about.

I've spent the rest of the day using the whole procedure as an excuse to laze around. I watched Lost, read my book, took a brief nap--not out of tiredness, but because, well, why not?

Tomorrow is Debauchary Day. I've got from now to Wednesday to eat soft cheese, drink a few mojitos, chow on sushi. After Wednesday afternoon, I have to assume I'm pregnant unless I hear otherwise.


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