11 October 2005

Eight: One, Two, Three

Eight eggs fertilized. I don't know yet how many of them have developed into thriving embryos, but I should find that out today or tomorrow when I go in for the transfer. At that point, I should also find out their grade.

The debate now is how many to implant. Dr. Best wants to do three. I lean towards two. I'm fearful of having twins, much less triplets, and I'd like to basically take the triplet option off the table. I put in a call to Dr. Best to discuss this more and I'm awaiting his callback.

I confess to being a little bummed about only eight eggs fertilizing out of the sixteen. Sixty-five percent is average, so we were a bit below that. Eight is certainly plenty, but I've never been good at being satisfied with enough. I want more!

Transfer tomorrow at 10:00AM. Then the waiting begins. GH and I wait for test results all the time, but it's a situation to which I feel like "practice makes perfect" really doesn't apply.

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