19 March 2008

Idol: My Take (It or Leave It)

Amanda: She's just not my type. And the skunk hair has to go. But I liked how she interacted with the judges after her performance, which, of course, has nothing to do with how well she sings.

David A.: He's back! Awesome. I don't think he can top "Imagine," but he did himself proud with "Long and Winding Road." Now I want to see him rock something up-tempo.

The Cowgirl, I mean, Kristy? Christy? Katie? I can't get her name: Snooze. She gets the boot. I want to like her because she's from Oregon, but she's too boring and bad.

Michael Johns: I thought the performance was so-so, but even so-so, he's SO SO SEXY. He can turn me on anytime. And, although I might be biased, I think he's better than that performance.

Brooke: Please contain the "Woooooooooo!" next time. I really like you, but no more dancing. No wooooos. Please. Thank you.

David Cook: I think he's great. The voice box thing did not work for me--seemed gimmicky. But every time he hits the stage, I enjoy the show.

Mr. Dreads: Your pants are too tight. Every week. Including this week. Please, get some looser pants. Despite the pants, Simon's right: you are charming.

Carly: You scared me with the eyes. Pop eyes! Eeeeeeeek! Scary pop eyes! I love "Blackbird," though, and thought you were great when I wasn't too busy being freaked out.

Syesha: Your performance totally surprised me by being so good. I think it was better than you really are, actually.

Chikeze: I don't really get Chikeze, and I did not get this performance. The slow part was really weird. And the honkey-tonk part was overdone. And if you don't play an instrument, THAT'S OK. No need to start now!

Ramiele: Your hair confuses me every week. You are small and cute. And boring. If the cowgirl doesn't go, you do.


Jen said...

you crack me up. i caught up on the songs i missed last night by going to bed at 9 on youtube this morning. i can't believe you didn't like david cook's talk box.. he sorta sucked at it.. it takes practice.. but i had to give him kudos for pulling out the teeth shaker. richie sambora used one of those for living on a prayer back in the good ol' days with bon jovi.

i loved your comment about carly simon.. or whatever her name is.. carole king? anyway.. "no whooooo" good call! i didn't notice mr dread's pants.. maybe that's why the song turned into a bit of a polka.

ben's tubes are tomorrow so i'll start acting human again soon. i'll be a good mom and bring my camera so i can blog all about it.. *laff*

btw.. what size clothes of riley's are you planning to sell at the April MOTS? if he's a size up from ben i may buy some stuff off ya for whatever you'd ask for from the sale if that works for you. they're pretty close to the same size so i'm not sure that will work. i usually hit that sale (in winchester) with force.. :)

Aunt Becky said...

I agree wholeheartedly. But I do love Amanda. She's so different.

Sharon Bartlett said...

I didn't like David Cook at first, but he's grown on me. He sings really well and actually gives a "show" each time. Of course, little David A. can sing like an angel.
I'm not big on any of the girls, really. Glad you're enjoying the show :)

Anonymous said...

My mom calls amanda 'Skunk head'. She's never been a huge tv fan, and this is probably the first time in her life she's ever really picked up a show. But she watches every week to criticize 'skunk head'.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you about Michael Johns...So So Sexy! Embarrassing Admission Alert: I love the little bit they play before his performance so I can watch him and hear him talk with his so so sexy Australian accent.

Am I really a 34-year-old married mom?(My face is really red right now).

Arwen said...

I went from being a Michael Johns fan to a David Cook fan in the last three weeks. I LOVE him! (But Michael is still hot... I miss Luke Menard due to the hotness factor.)

I broke down last night and bought David A.'s Imagine performance, Michael Johns' Across the Universe, Brooke's Let It Be and David Cook's Eleanor Rigby (as well as pre-ordering Day Tripper)for my iPod...

Christine said...

See, Amanda and Ramiele have opposite issues. Amanda is a great performer, but not so much with the voice. Ramiele has a big ol' voice and a pretty face, but she can't perform. Meld the two of them, and we've got something.

And Michael Johns? SO SEXY.

Anonymous said...

you're an awesome critic. American Idol should hire you and pay you millions. =)

~ Jolene said...

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I agree with you 110%!!! Right on Snick! :)

Kerry Lynn said...

you're too funny.

i was freaking out watching brooke perform. i was cringing the whole time. she was great last week though.

Do you have to be a member to go to the MOTS sale in winchester?

I never joined any local groups even though I was interested.

Snickollet said...


I wish! How awesome would it be to be a critic for American Idol! that would be sweeeeet.

Kerry Lynn--

The sale is open to the general public. Members can get in at 9:30; the general public at 10:00. Let me know if you'll be there--I'll be working the sale and would love to say hi!


Anonymous said...

Thursday morning: can you *believe* Amanda went instead of Kristy or Ramiele? Aaagh!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap I thought Mr. Dread's pants were WAY too tight. I even said that while watching.

You are dead on with your comments here. Dead. On.